Wake Up to a Beautiful New Boulevard

Kiryat HaYovel’s future has never been brighter. This beloved neighborhood is preparing to enter a new era, with an exciting urban vision that combines a pleasant, accessible open area with the renewal of all infrastructure. Existing city streets and squares will be given a major facelift, while a spacious, beautifully-designed new boulevard will become the beating heart of the revitalized neighborhood. 

Luxury residential towers will line the boulevard, which will be home to an upscale leisure, entertainment, and shopping center, including cafés, delicatessens, and boutique stores. This cosmopolitan boulevard will also feature creative playgrounds sure to give children hours of fun, as well as a cultural center that will provide enrichment, inspiration, and dazzling experiences for the whole family. Even the kids’ friendly monster from nearby HaMiflezet Park won’t be able to resist getting a tasty snack from the café, treating himself to a special gift from a boutique, and laughing along with all his little friends as they run off to play some more.

How about this for a good morning: strolling along a new, green boulevard as you walk the kids to school, hopping on the light rail to go to work, and arranging to have a coffee with a friend. Kiryat HaYovel is paving the way to this bright future with an innovative residential complex: 2 deluxe towers with an opulent lobby, underground parking, and an apartment just for you, all right at the heart of a thriving cosmopolitan boulevard with a shopping and leisure center. Here you will find boutique stores, cafés, play areas, and simply a perfect urban residential experience.

Sderot HaYovel – the path to your ideal future.

As evening falls, the laughter grows, rising up from the parks, filling the apartments, and mingling with all the flavors and aromas that make up your family home. And of course the boulevard’s shopping center is always there for your last-minute errands, coffee with friends, and family pizza parties.

Innovative City Living

Travel Just Got Faster

Jerusalem is blazing a trail for public transportation in Israel, creating innovative new solutions to improve speed and access citywide. The light rail’s red line is currently being extended from Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital to the Neve Yaakov neighborhood in the north, while the new green line is being established simultaneously. The light rail stop planned for Tahon Street, just a minute from Sderot HaYovel, will transform residents’ lives, enabling them to travel anywhere in the city in complete comfort and safety, without needing to drive. 

In addition to the light rail, the new Beyth Interchange, soon to be constructed nearby, will give residents quick, seamless access to Highway 1 via the new Highway 16, without a single traffic light. Have a good trip!

Apartment Plans

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2 Bedroom Apartment, Model B
2 Bedroom Apartment, Model B1
2 Bedroom Apartment, Model B1
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2 Bedroom Apartment, Model B3
2 Bedroom Apartment, Model B3

3 Bedroom Apartment, Model B4
3 Bedroom Apartment, Model C
3 Bedroom Apartment, Model C1
3 Bedroom Apartment, Model C2
3 Bedroom Apartment, Model C4
3 Bedroom Apartment w/Garden, Model C GAN
3 Bedroom Apartment w/Garden, Model C GAN 1
3 Bedroom Apartment w/Garden, Model C GAN 2
3.5 Bedroom Apartment, Model CS
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4 Bedroom Apartment, Model D1
4 Bedroom Apartment, Model D1
4 Bedroom Apartment, Model D2
4 Bedroom Apartment, Model D3
4 Bedroom Apartment, Model DA
4 Bedroom Apartment, Model D4
5 Bedroom Penthouse, Model P
5 Bedroom Penthouse, Model P1
5 Bedroom Penthouse, Model P1
5 Bedroom Penthouse, Model P2
5 Bedroom Penthouse, Model P3
5 Bedroom Penthouse, Model P3
5 Bedroom Penthouse, Model P



Building Your Future

קדמת היובל
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קדמת היובל
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Kidmat HaYovel

Kidmat HaYovel is an urban renewal pioneer, initiating and overseeing a variety of projects designed to benefit not only residents, but also the wider urban environment. Bringing luxurious modern residences to the heart of the city, these projects substantially increase property value for apartment owners while simultaneously enhancing their standard of living. This cooperation between Kidmat HaYovel and Carasso Real Estate, a longstanding leader in the real estate field, ideally positions both companies at the forefront of urban renewal efforts, benefiting not only old and new residents, but also the wider community and the entire city.

Carasso Real Estate

Active in all areas of Israeli real estate since 1933, Carasso Real Estate is widely considered one of the best-established, most stable companies in Israel. Carasso Real Estate is proud to be part of the Carasso Group and is engaged in the initiation, development, planning, and construction of various large-scale residential complexes in high-demand areas all over the country. Throughout all its activities, Carasso is consistently committed to fairness, reliability, and excellence – the values it has championed since its founding. Thanks to this unprecedented collaboration between Carasso Real Estate and Kidmat HaYovel, you – the buyers and residents – will benefit from the outstanding experience of an elite professional team, as well as significant resources and a sound financial/corporate foundation. These factors enable both companies to create and advance complex construction plans devoted to bringing all customers high quality standards, superb service, and an exceptional residential experience.


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