Innovative City Living

Waking up to a Renovated and Sparkling Boulevard

Kiryat HaYovel: The beloved neighborhood is reinventing itself and transforming into an inspiring urban complex with the Sderot HaYovel Complex at its heart:

An exclusive project presenting an innovative Jerusalem residential concept.

Stretching along the northern section of Tahon Street, this new complex combines groundbreaking city living with historic Jerusalem, offering the ideal urban experience. Here you will enjoy playgrounds, beautifully designed green sitting areas, cafes, delis, a cinematheque, kindergartens, and a co-working space, all providing exceptional experiences, pleasure, and convenience for the whole family.

Sderot HaYovel presents an innovative, breakthrough urban experience: a complex that includes 7 residential towers and 6 boutique buildings at the center of Jerusalem: 5 minutes from Malcha Mall and Begin Road, 10 minutes from Ein Kerem, between Denia Park and Rabinovich Garden.

This complex changes everything we once knew about city living, and provides, for the very first time, an opportunity to benefit from luxury residences combined with a vibrant urban experience on your doorstep: excellent educational institutions, high-quality municipal services, wonderful cultural life, entertainment that is both enjoyable and enriching, an empowering community, and countless shopping options. And it’s all right here.

You are invited to discover the simple pleasures of walking to school, the cafe, or the shops, as well as taking the train to work or for leisure in the city center, and the absolute luxury that Sderot HaYovel offers each resident.

The Perfect Urban Experience

The Train is Waiting for you at the Station

Jerusalem is leading a public transportation revolution. By the time you get home, the red line of the light-rail train will be waiting for you at the Tahon Street station. This route will lead you from the Ein Kerem Medical Center to the Neve Yaakov neighborhood in the north, and will connect to the Green Line. The train will change the day to day lives of the project’s occupants and will allow giving up private vehicles and getting anywhere in the city easily, pleasantly, and safely.

The Bate Interchange, which is currently being built within a 5-minute distance from the neighborhood, will allow you to get out of the city via Route 16, without encountering a single traffic light. Have a safe trip!

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Planned Line, Mount Herzl – Hadassah Ein Kerem

Campus Line, Mount Scopus – Givat Ram

Building Your Future

Kidmat HaYovel

Kidmat HaYovel is an urban renewal pioneer, initiating and overseeing a variety of projects designed to benefit not only residents, but also the wider urban environment. Bringing luxurious modern residences to the heart of the city, these projects substantially increase property value for apartment owners while simultaneously enhancing their standard of living. This cooperation between Kidmat HaYovel and Carasso Real Estate, a longstanding leader in the real estate field, ideally positions both companies at the forefront of urban renewal efforts, benefiting not only old and new residents, but also the wider community and the entire city.

Carasso Real Estate

Active in all areas of Israeli real estate since 1933, Carasso Real Estate is widely considered one of the best-established, most stable companies in Israel. Carasso Real Estate is proud to be part of the Carasso Group and is engaged in the initiation, development, planning, and construction of various large-scale residential complexes in high-demand areas all over the country. Throughout all its activities, Carasso is consistently committed to fairness, reliability, and excellence – the values it has championed since its founding. Thanks to this unprecedented collaboration between Carasso Real Estate and Kidmat HaYovel, you – the buyers and residents – will benefit from the outstanding experience of an elite professional team, as well as significant resources and a sound financial/corporate foundation. These factors enable both companies to create and advance complex construction plans devoted to bringing all customers high quality standards, superb service, and an exceptional residential experience.


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